EZ1010 - White Tomato MTS

$215 SGD $295 SGD

5mL x 6 bottles

What it is:
MTS(Microneedle Therapy System) applicator filled with powerful and clinically proven whitening and repairing ampoule which directly penetrates into the skin effectively. It boosts collagen production and hydrates skin. You can expect noticeable improvements on pigmentation, whitening, pore-minimising, and fine wrinkles after using regularly after 42 days. This prestige treatment can be done at home at much lower cost and have noticeable improvement on your overall skin tone and texture. 

Which skin type is it good for?
✔ Normal
✔ Oily
✔ Combination
✔ Dry 

Solutions for:
- Pigmentation
- Blemished skin
- Enlarged pores
- Dull and flaky skin
- Inelastic loosened skin 
- Wrinkles 

Suggested Usage:
Step 1: When you open a new bottle first time, gently push the back part of the bottle/content towards the needles to break the seal (Do not press too hard) as you press the needle plate on the back of your hand - to break the seal and vacuum the container - until the ampoule is discharged. 

Step 2: After gentle washing and toning your face, start stamping on your face from parts by parts. It may get little red at first, but the redness will be gone after a while. 
You can stamp 2-3 more times on your concerned area.

Step 3: (Optional: Use chilled Fau SOS mask or Fau Spotlight Whitening Mask to cool down your skin.)  Apply serum and cream gently on top. 

Step 4: Have a good sleep and avoid strong sunlight and use sunblock the next day. 

- You can do the treatment once a week in the first couple months and increase to twice a week.

- PhytoflORAL* - Non-GMO white tomato extracts
- Hyaluronic acid
- Niacin amide
- Heparinoid
- Allatoin
- Portulaca extracts
- Green tea
- Centella Asiatica

About the Brand:
Obey 153 is a Korean healthcare company specialising in the development of advanced beauty cosmetic products for distribution throughout hospitals and aesthetic clinics. 

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